Metaphysik - Chiralität als Grundprinzip der Physik.
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Consciousness, perception, solipsism

My consciousness exists

In the book by Hans Wehrli, the laws of nature are derived from metaphysics: The laws of nature are as they have to be, so that perception is possible. My consciousness exists and it generates perceptions. This I do not doubt. I doubt everything else. The corresponding metaphysical position is solipsism. In solipsism, only the ego exists as a subject with consciousness. Consciousness in solipsism is not a flesh and blood person, but rather a thinking entity with its perceptions.

The conditions for perceptions of consciousness are precisely the laws of nature

Wehrli now formulates the metaphysical conditions which must be fulfilled so that one can speak of perception. For example, a perception requires both a subject and an object, which must be clearly distinguishable from each other. The perception consists then of the fact that information flows from the object to the subject, where it is stored and processed. In solipsism each physical perception is an event which consciousness can count.

Axiomatic theory for perceptions of consciousness

The term event is now mathematically defined with a new axiomatic theory where the axiom of infinity and the axiom A ≡ A is dispensed with, because there can be nothing infinite in perception and the two A’s, on the left and on the right of the identity sign are always distinguishable, i.e. never identical. By contrast, solipsism requires a new axiom, the so-called axiom of chirality, which is ultimately a consequence of the fact that in perception, information flows from the object into the consciousness of the subject and that perception thus has a direction. This direction of perception from the object to the subject is the deeper reason that time for the subject, his internal clock, has a direction in solipsism. Independent of perception, time would be quite symmetrical in the world.

"Metaphysik – Chiralität als Grundprinzip der Physik" by Dr. Hans Wehrli

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