Metaphysik - Chiralität als Grundprinzip der Physik.
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The laws of nature are used successfully in science and technology because they work. But why are the laws the way they are? For 2500 years, philosophers and natural scientists have been looking for an answer and hoping for a metaphysical explanation.
The answer of this book is: The laws of nature are the way they have to be, so that perception is possible. The philosophical conditions for perception are illustrated and then formulated mathematically with the help of a simple, new axiomatic theory. Chirality, as the fact that that the observer can differentiate between left and right, and between before and afterwards, plays a central role thereby and gives rise to a new mathematical axiom. The event as a physical entity is defined mathematically in such a way that the entities of space, time, matter and interactions can be derived from it. The resulting comprehensive theory can explain physical phenomena uniformly, those which have been known of, but not been explainable up until now: The physical constants, the shortening of standard lengths and the slowing down of clocks in the vicinity of large masses or at high velocities, the Heisenberg uncertainty principle, the four kinds of physical interactions, the characteristics of the elementary particles from the neutrinos to the electrons and quarks up to the protons, or black holes and the Big Bang. Even if the new theory is not completely formulated yet, it is nevertheless understandable and gives cause for hope that the long-sought "Theory of Everything" can soon be found.