Metaphysik - Chiralität als Grundprinzip der Physik.
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Quantum theory, interaction, gravitation

Quantum theory is incomplete

Although quantum theory has been developed and successfully applied for over one hundred years, its philosophical interpretation is still disputed. Nobody really knows why quantum theory functions so beautifully. Even though there are no experimental results which contradict quantum theory, two aspects are nevertheless unsatisfactory. First of all, interaction by gravitation cannot be described convincingly and without contradiction in terms of quantum theory. Secondly, human free will, as it is experienced by us, seems to indicate that quantum theory is still incomplete. On the other hand, electromagnetism, the strong and the weak interactions are described very well by quantum theory.

New axiomatic theory for the uniform description of gravitation and the remaining interactions

In the book by Hans Wehrli a new theory is now developed. Based on perception theory (metaphysics) a new axiomatic theory is constructed, whereby the axiom A ≡ A is replaced by a so-called axiom of chirality. Furthermore, the axiom of infinity is dispensed with, since infinity is never perceptible and physics should only be concerned with perceptible nature. Thus a new, finite mathematics emerges, where the infinity problems of quantum theory’s interactions no longer arise. The four known interactions can be described in a uniform theory; indeed they are a direct consequence of the new mathematics. Gravitation can be easily united as quantum gravitation with the three other interactions.

Interactions as sequences of events. Definition of the term event

Interactions are sequences of events. According to the axiom of chirality, an event is a change of the topological arrangement of four points. Based on the axiom of chirality, interactions are always attractive as is the case with gravitation. The impression of repulsion during an interaction comes about by the fact that a repulsion is nothing other than an attraction in time running backwards. Events are countable, with which the world is quantized: Physics becomes quantum theory. Mass in the new theory is described as pure event frequency.

"Metaphysik – Chiralität als Grundprinzip der Physik" by Dr. Hans Wehrli

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