Metaphysik - Chiralität als Grundprinzip der Physik.
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Spin and chirality

The nature of spin

Spin is a quantum-mechanical quantity, the physical significance of which is currently unclear. Spin appears to involve something like a direction of rotation in three-dimensional space. Erroneously, therefore, many physicists are of the opinion that spin has something to do with an angular momentum or an axis, because that is how it actually is with the electrically charged particles. But with the uncharged, simple neutrinos there is no geometrical model and no axis as a foundation of its spin.

Spin as consequence of the axiom of chirality

In the book by Hans Wehrli, a new theory is developed on the basic principle of chirality. Chirality is a consequence of the fact that for an asymmetrical object, there is one and only one isometric mirror image, which cannot be brought to coincidence with the object. Based on perception theory (metaphysics) a new axiomatic theory is now being developed with a so-called axiom of chirality. The axiom of chirality replaces the axiom A ≡ A. The new mathematics which thus emerges is probably the long-sought Theory of Everything (TOE). The axiom of chirality automatically results in the concept of spin. It is described topologically and/or geometrically as a non-continuous change in status of at least four points during periodic events.

"Metaphysik – Chiralität als Grundprinzip der Physik" by Dr. Hans Wehrli

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