Metaphysik - Chiralität als Grundprinzip der Physik.
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Theory of Everything (TOE)

Uniform theory of the four known interactions

The theory of Everything (TOE) seeks to describe the four known interactions; gravitation, electromagnetism, and strong and weak interaction in a uniform theory.

The book by Hans Wehrli makes a concrete proposal for a Theory of Everything (TOE) or gives at least hints as to how the Theory of Everything (TOE) could be developed. By dispensing with the axiom A ≡ A and the axiom of infinity, and introducing a new axiom, the axiom of chirality, a new mathematics emerges, which results in what appears to be nothing less than the Theory of Everything (TOE).

The axiomatic theory underlying the Theory of Everything TOE considers the basic metaphysical conditions for the perceptions which the consciousness has.

By means of the Theory of Everything (TOE) thus constructed, the term event is defined mathematically as a physical entity. The Theory of Everything (TOE) then makes it possible with the help of the concept of the event to derive space, time, matter, the four interactions, the physical constants, quantum theory, the theories of relativity, all elementary particles, black holes and the Big Bang.

One view sets out how the proposed Theory of Everything (TOE) could be verified or falsified experimentally, and which questions it poses for mathematics, physics, philosophy and theology.

"Metaphysik – Chiralität als Grundprinzip der Physik" by Dr. Hans Wehrli

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